Friday, March 6, 2009

Just Do IT!!

So, I just got back from our Florida trip. Two sick kids but beautiful weather. I forgot how great it feels to run outside. The 1st time EVER in my life running was last year in my Dads neighborhood in Florida. I ran 20 feet and walked and ran a little more. By the end of my trip I managed a mile and was so thrilled. As I ran this year, I looked back on that. I ran past the spots that last year I had to walk...and was pleased.
A few people I have talked to are on the fence about signing up ..."I dont have time to excercise". "Im not in shape". "I'll never be ready"...
Poppycock!!!!!! (I have never used that word in my life by the way)
I was a SLUG one year ago. Didnt really start running until April...didn't get on a bike until June...Never got in the water (mistake by the way, read my 1st blog)
I am by NO MEANS some crazy fitness guru now. I am a 2 mile on the treadmill kind of girl. i will struggle with the bike again and will definately take a swim class.
You can do this.
you should do this.
You are worth it

We are in the process of finding a night for a get together. Ross has bravely offered her home.
Happy running