Monday, July 27, 2009

danskin 2009

So we did it again!!!! Nikki, Ross and I were just crazy enough to do it again and we brought along 3 " newbies", Jade, Jen and Tracy. July 26th was the date. I really thought Id be less nervous this time. Nope!
This was a tougher year for Ross Nikki and I in our personal lives in terms of health issues and time challenges. Despite the lack of serious training we all finished. I was blown away by the amazing performances of our three 1st timers. I came this year feeling better about the swim, until of course I started swimming. Im simply not good at it and I tend to panick. I made it through the bike without walking up the giant hill this year and I even had a real bike helmet. I actually passed a few people (mostly old overweight people...but still). I found myself calling out to other women this year "keep going, you're doing great!!!!". I will do this again next year. I will take swim lessons. I will train harder. I will make myself more of a priority this year. I will drag all able-bodied women I know with me. I am proud of myself and my five beautiful friends.