Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Officially signed up!!!! July 26th 2009.
Felt nervous all over again.
Nervous, excited and ready to train.
Just do it...sign up!!!
We are going to plan an informal get together for anyone interested.
Maybe people with similar schedules can train.
More later


Anonymous said...

All signed up! I'd love to get some group training together. I need motivation to bike (I'd rather swim or run any day), and I am happy to share motivation/tips for swimming!

Wow, it makes it feel like we're going to make it through winter and see the sun again. Can't wait to swim at Baboosic Lake in the warm sunshine!!

We need to do hotel reservations ASAP!!!


tracey said...

Hey Vicki,
I signed up today so there is no backing out now!! I'm committed, thanks for encouraging me to do this for myself!!