Tuesday, February 10, 2009

It's Registration Time!

Okay everyone!  The Danskin SheRox Sprint Triathlon registration opens today.  So join us and sign up, won't you?  It'll be a most amazing experience, I promise.  Here is the link:


Haven't started training yet?  Don't worry, we've got time.  I haven't started yet either.  But today is the day.  Register and get your body moving, it's a beautiful sunny day, so on lunch break, take a brisk 15 minute walk.  You'll feel refreshed and it'll encourage you to keep at it.  

Be sure to check back here for tips and plans to meet up as a group to train.  Also, please feel free to share your comments with feedback or tips.  We'd love to hear them and share them with others.  We are after all, only amateurs!  

Happy Registering!


Anonymous said...

I see you talk about Sally Edwards. Do you know that Sally isn't part of the Danskin SheRox triathlon, she is part of the TREK triathlon now. The Danskin SheRox Tri is a completely different tri this year. Check it out! I was so surprised!

hmac said...

Hi tri-mom's! My friend Tiffany linked me to your blog. Way cool!! Great to see more mom's like me getting fired up for the Danskin. I did the 2003 Danskin and after two kids, I'm ready again!! Time to get my ass in shape...and no more excuses for not hitting the gym. It's funny how you are like me...getting other first timers involved and especially recruiting mom's. We definitely need some motivation to get our asses back in shape. How do we juggle kids, home, errands, work, and husbands schedules and still find time to train?? One word..."Danskin". It's nice to have a goal. So far, I've started my training three weeks ago. No swimming yet. I'm waiting to start that next month in order to save a little in pool membership. I'll tell ya, the gym is already getting stale. I can't wait 'till the ice melts and we can train outside. No sidewalks around here.
In just a couple weeks I've hit the 10min mile with two miles non stop. Now I have to work one more mile in!! I used to hate mornings...never mind morning workouts. But now it's my "me" time with my lovely friend; treadmill, and GMA or Fox News. I still have to down load some rockin' music for my runs. Biking...how boring. Can't wait to get outside and hit some nice hills at sunset. Anyway, hope your training moves along nicely. My pants are already fitting better. Yay, can I get an AMEN!!
If anyone wants to work on their swim form, give me shout. I'll meet up to give lessons if interested (in Concord NH). I've been swimming since I was three, but it was still the most exhausting part of the race.
KIT and don't forget to.....swim, bike, run, swim, bike, run, swim, bike, ruuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!